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At MCS Mobility, our aim is to assist people to live a free and independent life. We specialise in a range of Mobility Scooters in Australia with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and ensuring the product suits the individual’s specific needs.

Our unrivalled range of Mobility Scooters ensures that we can help you find the most appropriate product for you!


At MCS Mobility we aim to give you the freedom to live independently. Whether you have a disability or trouble walking our range of mobility scooters & power chairs are designed to help you get where you need to go.

We strongly believe that everyone has the right to remain an active member of the community. Over the coming years we will see more and more mobility devices in use all around us.

It is essential that mobility scooter users do their part to keep themselves safe. This guide has been designed to assist you understand your mobility scooter or powerchair better and the best practices on the road.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is designed to help pedestrians using motorised mobility devices. It is intended as a guide only. It does not purport to set out the full requirements of the law. For a complete knowledge of the road law, you should consult the appropriate Acts and Regulations in your State or Territory.

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Mobility scooters are designed to help people with disabilities or anyone who struggles to walk. They are a fantastic option for people who can’t drive and are stuck at home for the majority of the time.

Mobility scooters give you the freedom to live independently and there are many different kinds for different uses.

At MCS Mobility we ensure our range of Mobility Scooters are designed for individuals’ specific needs.


Mobility scooters vary and all have different purposes. At MCS Mobility we ask you a number of needs- based questions to ascertain which kind of scooter would suit you.

Small Portable Scooters — These pull apart and can be put into the boot of a car. They’re great for anyone who still uses a car but wants to be able to use the scooter inside a shopping centre, or for shorter trips around the park on relatively smooth surfaces.

Mid-Sized Mobility Scooters — Are a budget option for anyone who is looking to be able to get out of their house and drive outdoors. The mid-sized scooters can be driven in between 20km – 30km on one charge!

Large All Terrain Mobility Scooters — Are a fantastic option for those who would like an extra level of comfort. They come with 4-wheel suspension which makes them a dream to drive. They can be driven in between 35km – 50km on one charge and are equipped for handling the roughest of terrain with ease.

Travel Mobility Scooters — Are easily transportable, fold up and can be wheeled along like hand luggage and can driven in between 8km – 15km. If you are wanting to travel on a plane or go on a cruise, these are the scooters for you! They come with lithium batteries and are aeroplane certified. Enjoy your holiday pain free with one of our Travel Scooter options.

Travel Power Chairs — Like the travel mobility scooters, these power chairs fold up easily and can be wheeled along. They have lithium batteries and are aeroplane certified. These chairs have a fantastic turning circle. They are able to completely turn around in one position. Great for indoors as well as travelling. You can’t get a better all-purpose machine.