Tilt In Space

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    Tilt-in-Space wheelchair

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    • Multi-adjustable wheelchair designed to adapt to most needs of the users requirements
    • The wheelchair can be tilted and reclined to help the user maintain correct posture, as well as assisting with even pressure distribution
    • Offers maximum comfort for those spending longer periods of time in a wheelchair, and who may also need assistance with their posture
    • Infinite position adjustment of the backrest and seat angle which can be easily operated from the push handle and can be quickly adjusted
    • Frame design ensures the wheelchair is steady, whatever the backrest and seat angles are
    • Available with 24” self-propel, mid wheels or 12” transit wheels to suit users requirements
    • Height adjustable push handles to provide comfort for the attendant
    • Padded adjustable headrest with multi-positional ear cushions and elevating leg rests for additional support and pressure relief
    • Anti-tip wheels with integral stepper tube to aid use on kerbs
    • Long, curved adjustable armrests are fully padded for extra comfort and are easily detachable through a push button
    • Back rest reclines from 90° (vertical) to 120°
    • Adjustable height backrest and two choices of cushion height
    • Three seat widths are available – 39-44cm (15-17”) 44-49cm (17-19″) and 49-54cm (19-21”)
    • Multi-adjustable leg rests can be altered in width, height and depth of calf cushion
    • Suitable for use as a seat in a motor vehicle (“Crash Tested” to ISO 7176/19)
    • Weight capacity 135kg (21st)
    • Accessories available
    • This wheelchair has been crash tested providing added safety when being transported in a vehicle
    $2,495.00 $1,895.00