Long Handled Sponge


The Long handled sponge is an easy-to-use and versatile bathing aid. This product comes with both a round or rectangle sponge end, both having the same specially designed handle which can help make showering/bathing a whole lot easier for those who may have trouble.

The specialised handle can be bent into different shapes, allowing its user to clean areas on the body which otherwise may be difficult to reach. To customise the handle into the required shape or required angle, heat must be applied from a heat gun, hair dryer, or through the application of hot water. To bend the handle back into its standard positioning, or into a different customised shape, heat can be applied again to re-bend or re-shape the handle. This feature makes the product ideal for cleaning the back, feat and lower leg area.



Long Handled Sponge

The long handled sponge is a lightweight product making it extremely easy to use.


Handle Length- 45cm (18”)

Total Length- 60cm (24”)

Product weight- 200g