Titan Power chair

$2,995.00 $2,495.00

  • Product Features

    • Available in 46cm (18”) seat width.
    • Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Front wheel drive system for optimum manoeuvrability.
    • Detachable padded and adjustable armrests to suit comfort of user.
    • Adjustable length controller mount.
    • Folding backrest for easy storage and transportation.
    • Height adjustable and reclining seat to suit comfort preferences.
    • Swivel seat facilitates easy transfers on and off the chair.
    • Height adjustable and removable headrest to suit user requirements.
    • De-clutch operation to enable you to safely freewheel the chair where and when required.• Padded upholstery for additional comfort and support.
    • Solid non-marking tyres provide durability and low maintenance.
    • Height adjustable, flip up footplate to suit users leg length and assist with easy transfers.
    • Dynamic Shark programmable controller provides an easy and enjoyable driving experience.
    • Front anti tip wheels as standard.
    • Seat belt included for additional safety and security.
    • Available in Spirit Red.
    • Maximum weight capacity 136kg (21st).

    *Subject to conditions of use **Batteries included as standard



The front wheel drive Titan Powerchair

is a comfortable and stylish option for users

seeking a transportable power mobility product

that’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The Titan’s front-wheel system positions

the drive wheel forward of the user’s center of gravity,

making the chair extremely stable and giving it great performance over small obstacles.

The Titan is also great indoors, navigating tight, enclosed spaces with ease.

 Designed for indoor and outdoor use

•  Front wheel drive system for optimum maneuverability

•  Maximum speed of 6.4kph*

•  Maximum range of 24 kilometer on a full battery charge*

Maximum speed of 6.4KPH




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