Electric Adjustable Hi-LO Chair Bed

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Why should you consider buying an Electric Adjustable Chair Bed?

Do You Suffer From Any Of The Following?

Back Pain

A Normal bed does not accommodate the natural contours of your body, resulting in increased pressure on your spine. Elevating your legs and upper body can help relieve the pressure while you sleep.

Snoring – Breathing difficulty

Elevating your upper body greatly reduces the pressure on your chest. By doing this you are allowing oxygen to flow easily through your airways and lungs, therefore, reducing your snoring.


Arthritis leaves your joints tender and inflamed. This bed will help relieve pressure on your joints.


By elevating the affected limb above your heart pressure is released and circulation improved. Our adjustable bed & massage system can also help alleviate the pain associated with swelling.

Heartburn & Acid reflux

Doctors recommend keeping your upper body elevated to prevent acid reflux. If you regularly lose sleep to heartburn or reflux, MCS Mobility electric bed will greatly improve your quality of sleep. Elevated upper body can help encourage healthy digestion.


A Normal bed does not accommodate the natural contours of your body, resulting in increased pressure on your spine. Elevating your legs and upper body can help relieve the pressure put on your back while you sleep. The Smartflex Adjustable Electric bed offers Excellent support for high care patient needs.

We recommend the Adjustable bed

  1. The smartflex adjustable base is packaged With the Cool Balance Mattress.   
  2. To cope with life’s day to day difficulties, you will need a bed with comfort and support
  3. Appropriate for your height, firm to get in and out comfortably and at the same time soft enough to allow gentle rest.
  4. Smartflex  electric adjustable beds allow you to sleep in an elevated position to suit your needs,
  5. Help to reduce the usual back pains that develop from using normal non-adjustable beds, with Massage function
  6. The Avante’ bed is designed to fit into your existing bedroom
  7. Perfect for just reading,
  8. Positioning yourself to watch TV,
  9. Working on your laptop or creating a sleeping position

Payment plan available

  1. No interest is charged on our payment plans. They are interest-free.
  2. Payment plans are not available for special or non-standard stocked items.

Why choose us?

  1. Best price guaranteed
  2. Best warranty guarantee
  3. Best after-sales service, repair, and yearly service
  4. We will match and beat any genuine price
  5. Family owned and operated
  6. Exclusive to MCS Mobility customer
  7. Home service call
  8. Pick up and delivery
  9. Free lifetime information

Got questions? Let us help you to choose from. At MCS mobility we give you the freedom to live independently.

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 Hi-Lo Chair bed Vibration Massage

Head and foot Adjustability

Has been expertly designed to make getting into and out of bed a breeze. With vibration massage motors and cool balance mattress features, this product is a revolutionary leap forward in intelligent design. The product includes:

  1. Easy-up Functionality
  2. Vibration Massage
  3. Head and foot adjust-ability
  4. Hi-Lo functionality
  5. Steel Construction
  6. castor Optional
  7. Wired hand control
  8. 180KG weight rated
  9. Special Sizes 
  10. 10-year Guarantee applies to frame
  11. Structure and electric motor only.
  12. All other electronic components and upholstery are covered under the guarantee for a 2 year period


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