CTM HS-295 Mobility Scooter

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The CTM HS-328 is a small Mid-Range four wheel mobility scooter that can be easily taken apart into smaller pieces for transferring the scooter places. It is a great mobility scooter for smaller, quick trips such as getting around the local shopping mall. With it being easy to take apart, the scooter can be stored easily and assembled quickly when needed. It comes in a sleek Ice Blue colour, making sure you look great on the streets!

When compared to the closest model currently in the market we have found the HS-328 has the following great benefits:

  • A longer and wider foot space
  • Larger batteries for increased range
  • Increased motor power
  • A light package which features LEDs for safety
  • Features a very comfortable seat

I would like to remind you! your mobility scooter is your legs,
to maintain your mobility scooter you must service your scooter
at least once a year to keep it in good mint condition




HS-295 Mobility Scooter 4-wheel Ideal for shopping malls
dismantles into 4 main parts with an automatic park brake. Our Baby and top seller!

The HS295 is designed for Portability and dismantles into 4 main parts, which makes transporting the mobility scooter easier,
comes with a Charger cord, Removable armrest and 2 x 12-volt 12-amp Batteries.

If you are shopping for a great and reliable compact 4-wheel Mobility Scooter
The CTM HS-295 mobility scooter is a compact scooter easy to assemble, store and transport




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