lightweight folding travel scooter

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 S19 folding scooter folds up as easy as just one step. It has legroom of a 3 wheeled scooter combined with the stability of 4 wheels. The lithium battery is certified to be brought on board in the flight, certification is included within the user manual. Please double-check with your airline regulations as well before planning your trip. It folds up very easy in jet one step in few seconds,
the turning radius is small, ideal for indoor or outdoor usage.

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  1. S19 is an ultra-lightweight folding travel scooter.
  2. It weighs 27.3kgs without battery and so is an ultimate travel folding scooter.
  3. It travels a range of 20kms.
  4. It is equipped with a Lithium Battery providing it with an ultra-lightweight and bigger range of drive.

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